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General Information

Eğitim Fakültesi


Faculty of Education was founded in 1956 under the name of Primary Teacher Training School for girls. 3-year Primary Teacher Training School for girls selected students from secondary school graduates via an entrance exam.

The school was moved to its present building in 1970. The name of the school remained the same till 1975 and it was changed to 2-year Institute of Education in 1975.

The institute accepted graduates from high schools. Taking the name of School of Higher Education in 1982, the school continued its education under Gazi University and trained classroom teachers for primary schools. In 1989-1990 Academic year the education period was extended to 4 years and the school continued training classroom teachers for primary schools.

In 1992 – 1993 Academic year the faculty became Faculty of Education under Gazi University Presidency with the extensional article 29 to the law no 3837 which was enacted in 03rd July,1992. The departments and graduate programmes of the faculty were established according to the re-formation of education faculties under the National Education Development Project in 1998.

  • Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technologies (CEIT)
    • Division of Computer Education and Instructional Technologies
  • Department of Educational Sciences
    • Division of Psychological Counseling and Guidance
    • Division of Education Administration Supervision Planning and Economics
  • Department of Primary Education
    • Division of Secondary Science Teaching
      • Secondary Science Teaching Program
    • Division of Secondary Mathematics Teaching
      • Primary Mathematics Teaching Program
    •  Division of Pre-School Teaching
      • Pre-School Teaching Program
    • Division of Elementary Teaching
      • Elementary Teaching Program
    • Division of Social Studies Education
      • Social Studies Education Program
  • Department of Turkish Language Teaching
    • Division of Turkish Language Teaching  
      • Turkish Language Teaching Program
  • Department of Fine Art Education
      • Art Education Program
      • Music Education Program

In these five departments of the faculty, the education activities are carried out in the department or division level according to the regulations set by the Institute of Higher Education. The main objective of the education activities is to train teachers in line with the law no 2547 which indicates aims and principles of higher education. Education activities in the Faculty of Education are carried on by 108 academic staff. 4 professors, 6 Assoc. Professors, 35 Assist. Professors, 18 Instructors, 2 Specialists, and 43 Res. Assistants have been in charge of education activities since 2006. The table below demonstrates the distribution of the staff and students.